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Gibson released a limited number of Les Paul guitars in 2004 that were faithful replicas of Jimmy Page’s 1959 Les Paul Standard, better known as simply the Number 1 in the rock 'n roll kingdom. The sound of the Les Paul guitar that Page bought from the Clown prince of rock, Joe Walsh, in 1969, was said to have been the basis of almost everything he recorded.

How faithful can a replica be? Gibson took a lot of time to make sure that all the specs were correct. The company even took over all the modifications Page made to his guitar to give it a unique voicing. Here's where the real fun begins.replica watches

Tom Murphy was given 180 of the total guitars produced by Gibson. His sole job was to recreate Page's original. Murphy recreated every sign and detail of ageing, including dings, scratches, and scuffs, so that the 180 guitars looked as if they had toured and lived with Led Zeppelin in the 1970s and 1980s.

Tom Murphy sent 30 guitars to Jimmy Page to be tested, certified and signed. Page was so enamored with these guitars that he only sold 25 of them. The 25 signed guitars and 150 relic-ed pieces were all snapped up within record time.

In 1969, the IWC Portofino Replica Watches would become the first watch to be worn on the Moon. Buzz Aldrin, wearing the ST 1005.012, Neil Armstrong wearing the ST105.012, and Michael Collins wearing ST 145.012 successfully touched down the Apollo 11 lunar modules on the surface of the moon.

The ST 145.022 was the next reference that IWC Portofino Replica Watches produced in 1968. NASA had previously declared the ST 105.003, ST 1005.012, and ST 145.012 as Flight Qualified for All Manned Space Missions. NASA never considered this reference for the Apollo missions because it was equipped with the newer caliber 861. This movement had a shuttle-cam chronograph mechanism, instead of the older column-wheel caliber 321.(Patek Philippe Replica Watches)