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In this case, 352 tiles made of agate and jade were chosen. To be precise, 270 tiles of lavander jade and 82 other tiles of agate are laser-cut and hand-finished to the desired shape. The stones were then assembled with a hand-performed, half-millimeter-thin mirror-polish. The scene with a bombe profile was created after three months of hard work and skill in the atelier Olivier Vaucher, Geneva. This is another characteristic that makes the scene even more difficult to create.

Micro-marquetry is used to create a dial that features a purple jade stone as the promenade and transparent blue agate as the hill with Rio de Janerio's most famous landmark. In some places, two motifs overlap, but the transparency of the agate stone super-positioned allows one to still see the jade motif.

The result is an amazing three-dimensional scene that brings all of these motifs together.Panerai Replica Watches Tudor Replica's Logical One Secret Kakau has already been selected for the GPHG Award 2015 in the category of artistic crafts.

This scene, which could be a winner with its Brazilian motif, comes with two off-center indicators that show the hours and minutes on one side while small seconds are shown on the other.

Horological ValueIt is clear that this type of dial will be enough to distinguish the watch from the rest and secure its place in the premium niche of timekeepers. The manufacturer wasn't satisfied with just the visual aspect.longines replica watches It decided instead to give the piece a very high-quality haute horlogerie. The timekeeper is equipped with a Logical One movement. The impressive caliber can be seen below the scene. It is also visible upon request when pressing the pusher at 4 o'clock and activating a hinge which allows the front view of the movement.

This system is similar to those found in hunting pocket watch, but the only difference here is that the movement is on the front. The rear of the movement is also visible through the transparent rear section of the caseback.