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The new piece named Logical One Secret Kakau Hofke by Romain Gathier is a model which offers the highest standard in three different aspects. The appearance of this piece makes it an art work, and the way it was created shows the most skilled craftsmanship. It is also a masterpiece in terms of horology. The dial of the U-Boat Replica novelty is a beautiful and original representation of Rio de Janeiro, designed by Kakau Hofke,u-boat replica a renowned Brazilian artist. The beautiful scene that Kakau Hofke envisioned was brought to life with the help of the micro-marquetry technique. It is also a Haute Horlogerie piece, as it runs on a complex and award-winning movement that completes its wonderful ensemble.

Symbols of Rio De Janeiro With a Pop Art TouchFirst, take a closer look at the beautiful face of the timepiece. It was created with the intention of including some of the most iconic elements of Rio de Janerio. This city served as inspiration for the piece. Kakau Hofke, a world-renowned artist, created these scenes. The Brazilian pop artist is known for her use of color patterns that overlap, which are also visible on the dial of U-Boat Replica's new piece.

The artist and watchmaker who combined forces to create U-Boat Replica's Logical One Secret Kakau are well-known for their collaboration. Kakau Hofke also created the logo for the brand in 2005, when the watchmakers were founded.

Hofke chose two symbols for the new timekeeper that instantly point to the city where she was born and inspired the model. First,Replica Rolex GMT-Master II there is the Corcovado Hill with its statue of Christ the Redeemer. This is the most iconic landmark in the Brazilian city. One of them is the pattern that can be seen on the promenade leading to Ipanema Beach. The two symbols have been skillfully blended into a stunning scene that is a perfect harmony. This gives the watch an artistic appeal.

Artistic Craft: Micro-MarquetryApart from its artistic side, U-Boat Replica Logical One Secret Kakau also has a side that required extremely skilled craftsmanship. The scene depicted was created using the difficult micro-marquetry art craft. This discipline is a combination of patience and skill, and uses pieces of stone to create the desired scene.